I Carry My Soul is a performance about sexual assaults, love, power, reconciliation and hope. It is based on texts and poems written by people who have experienced sexual assaults themselves - on their own bodies or as relatives.

For this performance Hanne Trap Friis has partnered with visual artist Gukki Nuka. The performance stems from accounts from the Killiliisa role models, diaries and poems.

Performers: Karina Møller, Klaus Geisler, Rasmus Lyberth, Nukakkuluk Kreutzman
Direction: Hanne Trap Friis
Composer: Hans-Ole Amossen
Light: Naleraq Eugenius
Concept: Gukki Nuka & Hanne Trap Friis
Scenography: Naja Rosing-Asvid
Project- and tour manager: Nuka Carmen Bisgaard