Meet the Greenlandic rapper and actor Josef Tarrak and actor Else Danielsen in a heartwarming, fun and strong performance, about the meeting between generations.

A musical experience filled with rap, poetry, texts and an interesting scenography, based on present and past. A performance about the young, their life and dreams, the wishes of being more, being global and dreams of gaining understanding of ones self, body and world. About the elderly womans battle to let go of history and move on with life. About a childhood in a danish school in colonized Greenland, a childhood formed by assault, love, nature and music.

The performance digs into the tabu and the unsaid, that needs to come into the light and be disolved, for the youth to be able to move on, understand themself, their life and country. Through the dialogue, the stories, the pain and joy, the young man and elder woman gains a larger understanding of eachother and the way life they need to find together. 

”...and when the reciever of The Knight’s Cross Rasmus Lyberth ans karina Møller sang accompagned with the music of hans Ole Amossen, it was like an explotion of feelings. Klaus Geisler showed in his sublime acting why he was given the Reumert price, and I do not know how to describe the young actress Nukakkuluk Kreutzmann. I have never before seen such a strong acting from such a young woman”

Phillipa Filtenborg, Journalist from The Danish Channel TV2

Besides the performance the theater and its collaborators sestablished the exhibition Th e Wound of Our Sould, and the book The Wounds of Our Soul with pictures and texts from the performance and the exhibition.

The performance has toured all over Greenland with huge success.

The Wounds of Our Sould has been created in close collaboration an d support from the Social department in Greenland. And has been hugely supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, as well as NAPA, the municipality of Aarhus and Nuuk.

Actors & Singers

Josef Tarrak & Else Danielsen
Hanne Trap Friis
Naleraq Eugenius
Hans-Ole Amossen
Josef Tarrak
Paarma Brandt
De involverede
Teater freezeProduction & Naleraq Lights