The Shaman & the Priest

Foto: Jacob Stage

The meeting of the Priest Hans Egede and the Inuit, told from The Iniut perspective. In a space, undefined by time and place, the Danish - Norwegian priest Hans Egede meets the Greenlandic shaman. A dramatic and enlightening meeting between two very different worldviews, two perspectives on what it means to be human. Concepts and semantics are challenged in this meeting, when the two characters of such different beliefs and religions delve into dis cussions about life, death and survival. Their dialogs remind us of the different stories and beliefs, upon which societies are built. The story of good and evil, of the Christian - inherited sin , the iInuit's beliefs in Sila, and in the Mother of the Se a. The piece is a both fun, deep and enlightening performance about sexuality, the right to land, fjelds and rituals, and how the actions through history have left their marks on today.

We meet Christianity from the point of the Inuit. From the narrativ e of the Inuit.The Priest and his opposition towards drumsinging and towards inuit belief. The laughter from the inuit when he again and again tries to explain his belief about Adam and Eve and the Snake and how humanity is doomed if not forgiven by God. And we - the audience - understand the huge theft that was made by forbidding the Inuits names and traditions.. however all told in a tone of laughter. The show is based on texts from Hans Egedes diaries and the histories of the Inuits and accompanied by a visual and auditive universe. Created through filmic animations, installations, and a soundscape, merging modern rhythms, music and sounds and the traditional sounds of bells and throat singing. 

Foto: Jacob Stage

they tell the story from a view point so different from our own ( the Danish view-point), and that is quite a lot..

Anne Liisberg – Iscene

Tonight’s performance is about remembering tos ee oneself as part of the big wholeness, that is what this performance reminds me to do

All talks about de-colonization, that come from a place of both enourmoous will, passion, empathy and reflection must be honored, and it is clearly my experience that this room and experience was created by Makka Kleist and Hanne Trap Friis at The National Theater in Copenhagen

Karin Hald – Bastard Blog

Syrin, Kleist and Trap Friis have created a beautiful performance about the Greenlandic People

Carl Sørensen – Scenekanten

The Norwegian actor Svenn B. Syrin played Hans Egede with both nobility and dignity,

Det stående bifald efter forestillingen gjalt ikke mindst Makka Kleists bevægende portræt, der bekræftede hvorfor hun regnes for en af Grønlands førende skuespillerinder.

Michael Søby – CPH Culture

Theater Freeze Productions has again made another theater pearl.

You cannot get your eyes of Makka Kleist

Anne Middelboe Christensen – Information


Makka Kleist (GL)
Makka Kleist (GL) og Svenn B. Syrin (NO) 
Hanne Trap Friis (DK) 
Maya Sialuk Jacobsen (GL) 
Hans Ole Amossen (GL) 
Morten Ladefoged (DK)
Mikael Lindskov Jacobsen  
Bibi Chemitz (GL/DK)
Hanne Trap Friis og Makka Kleist efter oplæg fra Leise Johnsen, Det Grønlandske Hus København.