THE VIEW By Makka Kleist is a story based on personal experiences. We meet an elderly woman who tells the story of when her family was relocated from the rural area to the concrete building in the city. Of the man who had to kill his 16 dogs and of the joy of getting running water. It is told vividly, introducing us to a powerful human being.
Makka Kleist is one of Greenland's most prominent actresses and story tellers. She has performed at the Greenlandic National Theatre, at Canadian Theatres and in Norway.

Sletten//Narsarsuaq is the most powerful piece of theatre I have ever seen. The highlight of the Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival in 2019 for me, I am still deeply affected by these stories and the remarkable performances I experienced.

Blogger Lisagermanyphotography.

The impression on the audience was fascinating, filled with intimacy... Among the audiences most of us were emotionally touched, with both joy and sorrow. It is truly a different theatrical experience of the most relatable emotions, but also of the many unspoken emotional interactions which have played out between the people living in the blocks..

Juaaka Lyberth, Sermitsiaq AG.

There are definitely important messages in The View as well as Block 4.

Trine Wøldiche, The Daily Newspaper Information

The View offers perspective

-★★★★★ Kirsten Dahl, Stiften

Greenlandic Theatre leaves you with shiny eyes
in which you can mirror your Danish heart

-★★★★★ Ambjørn Happy, Kulturnyt

Toward the determinate end you must surrender cause the performance concludes with the most beautiful Greenlandic song which accompanied by a montage of the Greenlandic landscapes and the inhabitants astonishes the audience. Definitely worth experiencing. 

–  Thormod S. Kamban, The Blog Ungt Teaterblod (Youthful Theatre Blood)

Manuscript: Makka Kleist
Performers: Makka Kleist
Direction: Hanne Trap Friis
Composer: Hans Ole Amossen

Film editor: Michael Lindskov Jacobsen
Film credits: Ànorâk Film