Teater freezeProductions was established by Hanne Trap Friis, who is the artistic leader and director in the company. We explore the different genres, we mix them, and we emerge into the words, the music and the dance. Whichever suits the performance and the narrative we want to show. We do dynamic, heartily and often very touching performances. We want our theater to touch, to create reaction and dialogue, to be a statement and to involve the world around us. 

The collaboration with the Greenlandic Artists, and the importance and the urge to transform and change the narrative and the mind settings. In 2008 Hanne started working on the new direction for the theater. Having been struck by the very narrow-minded narrative and perspective in Denmark about Greenland and the Greenlandic people she decided to start a new work for her and for the theater. Ovartaci om den gale mand og kunstner fra Aarhus, The American om reformisten Jacob A. Riis og Glass Bead Game om komponisten og pioneren inden for elektronisk musik, Else Marie Pade. 

The narrative of the Inuit and the Greenlanders is very narrow and very white. In Denmark there is a great need of seeing Greenland from another perspective, a need of learning more about Greenland and the Inuit and actually seeing the world from another perspective with other –Inuit- narratives. The theater and its leader decided to use the means of theater with texts and narratives from the Greenlandic people.

10 Years ago we started. In the beginning with much resistance and hardness, - now we tour in both Countries and meet a lot of interest and support from both countries. We have received awards – our Greenlandic colleagues have received both awards and great respect, within both the theater-community and within the people. We tour as much in Greenland as in Denmark, meeting all kinds of communities and peoples. We believe that you through theater and art can change the minds and perspectives of people, and that is how we meet the world, as a theater and a company with a very engaged director and artistic leader. Working in Greenland and in Denmark with Greenlandic artists broadens the possibilities of scenic expression, and gives the theater new options and new ways of expressing art.